5 comments on “sounds of the ninja

  1. Ninja Gaiden Shadow has awesome tunes! Have you heard the tracks from the original Game Boy Castlevania games? Castlevania Adventure was one of the system’s launch titles and still has one of its better soundtracks.

    Not to mention the tracks on the sequel are just mind-melting as well…

  2. glad to see other people appreciating this soundtrack! castlevania is a series that i’m def. planning on working my way through, but i’ve read such terrible things about the orig. game boy game that it’s prob. not going to get to it for quite a while. but i’ll keep it in mind!

  3. *gasp* Terrible things?! Those games are hella-solid! They’re old-school hard, but very well put together. Especially when you consider it was a launch title from 1988 or so.

  4. haha. i’m def. a fan of old-school hard (inc. the orig. castlevania), but nowadays i think i can only take getting my butt kicked in more limited doses. 😉 and besides there are all these other game boy games that i’m itching to play, like balloon kid and gargoyle’s quest!

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