9 comments on “f-zero GX: don’t blink and drive

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  4. I just don’t understand how much of the gaming community has just let the Gamecube settle into the dust. I think that the Cube is one of the greatest gaming consoles ever created with some of the best games I have ever played on it. F-Zero is a prime example. This is a game that in my mind will never become dated. Much like Nintendo’s other Gamecube games they are of an art style that shinier graphics can’t really improve upon. The gameplay is rock solid and ridiculously fun. I really like games that don’t wuss out and provide a challenge. Games aren’t supposed to be easy, but hard enough that if you put the time in, you’ll get good.

  5. i agree that the gamecube in general is underrated and that it has loads of great games, FZGX being one of them. the gameplay in FZGX is def. solid, although some of the challenges get a bit too close to the border between being an immense challenge to being developing a completely pointless skill. i.e. if i’m going to spend so much time beating one ghost, i start to think i’d be better off learning how to play the trumpet or speak japanese. in general i’m kind of against challenges in games where only a fraction of a percent of people will ever be able to conquer them, although maybe i’m underestimating the number of people who have unlocked everything in FZGX.

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