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  3. So yeah this was posted over two years ago, but I just wanted to say I feel exactly the same about Sands of Time as you, although I thought the combat was more of a problem than you did. Never understood the amount of praise this game got/still gets

    Why did I decide to comment on this 2 year old post? I was reading an article about Sands of Time at InsultSwordFighting (good piece by the way), remembered you wrote this piece and decided to re-read it to remind myself why I didn’t care much for SoT. Every time I read something in praise of SoT I want to play it again and then have to tell myself I didn’t like it. It always sounds good in theory but not in execution (for me at least).

    I got the game when it first came out, thought the acrobatics were fun at first but then the game got to be the same thing over and over again just like you discussed. Actually when I think about I feel the Uncharted games do the exact same thing with the platforming (although the shooting is excellent), they give really fluid motions and good control over you’re leaping ability, but at no point are you challenged by the jumping sections and you always know exactly where to go. It feels so automated.

    ANYWAY, keep up the posts, not sure how many other people read this blog, but, it’s well written and, whether I agree or disagree with you, you seem to make interesting points about every game you discuss. It’s also fun to get your takes on games that came out years ago as you’re removed from the hype and can look at them from a different perspective.

    • thanks for the comment. that you agree w/ me shows your superior intellect and good taste. 😉 after having played ico recently i’ve had some renewed appreciation for sands of time, although the fact that i’m not coming from the perspective of someone who played through the earliest 3D adventure/platformers like tomb raider (which i still haven’t played, incidentally) may be what influences my judgement the most. my long-term plan is to play through some of those earlier games and reassess sands of time, but somehow i can’t get past the orig. tomb raider‘s clunky controls. may put that off and try going back to the sands of time sequel which i’ve dipped into and which doesn’t seem to offer anything new except for a character with some epic cleavage. 😉 but i think it would be fun to revisit that gameplay anyway.

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