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  1. Do you play these older games on their original systems or do you use the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console? Just curious.

  2. i try to use the original systems whenever possible. the SNES i got off of ebay works great, and i just got a new old NES b/c my sister lost mine (along w/ all my games). i still haven’t forgiven her for that!

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  4. I would love to play the classics on their original systems (to get the look and feel just like I remember!) but it’s hard to find a dependable old super nes (let alone nes)that is in good condition. I only have a Wii now and use it to play stuff (honestly I could find some old sytems if I really tried but having everything on the Wii is just convenient). To get the feel of nes games right I use a cool adapter to play an old nes pad through the gamecube port from a company called Retrozone. I bought a couple nes controllers off of ebay but they were in bad shape (barely usable). But I found these sweet nes refurbish kits that have spare parts including the important rubber response pads that wear out and keep your buttons from responding well. And to me, the classic controller is close enough to a super nintendo controller so I just use that.

  5. i’ve found that nintendo systems have held up extremely well. the NES i got off of ebay doesn’t even have a replacement 72-pin thing and it still works pretty well, and i haven’t had any problems w/ the SNES i got. i’m so into getting the authentic experience on the old systems that i’ve even started making plans for getting a genesis and a dreamcast, which is kind of crazy. i also want to get an orig. gameboy and GB color.

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