4 comments on “operation C complete

  1. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Super C.

    Did you ever play a contra clone on the NES called Heavy Barrel? It was a copy but it remember it being very good. Me and my cousin played that game obsessively. It didn’t have any side scrolling, the entire game was in the birds eye view.

    As you played, you would pick up pieces to a super gun. Once you had all the parts you could use this gun that had bullets that took up a third of the screen and it would annihilate everything. But it would only last for about 30 seconds. Ah, fun memories…

  2. hmm. never heard of it. i had played ikari warriors though. i find the top-down view to be slower than the side-scrolling view, but i’ll be on lookout for it. there’s this other top-down run ‘n gun i used to play in the arcade when i was a kid (1987-ish) but i don’t remember the name at all. i think one of the guys was red and the other guy was blue. anyone have any ideas? not sure if it was ever ported to the NES.

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