6 comments on “vvvvvv one time

  1. Nice! I just finished playing this on my Mac. I didn’t even realize they had a 3DS release.

    I hear you on the differences between classic platformers and their modern counterparts in terms of risk/reward profiles. Personally, I think “lives” are unneeded in video games, and they’ve begun to feel vestigial in the Mario games. This game was probably overly generous with its checkpoints, but they actually had some interesting puzzles where to get certain tokens you had to avoid checkpoints. I like this style of gaming because you get to choose how difficult you want it to be. I managed to snag 15 tokens but I don’t think I’ll be going for the last five, which are just obscenely tough to get.

    Soundtrack was by far the best part of the game for me. You should definitely try Meat Boy and Splosion Man and Rayman Origins! IMO it’s like a new golden age of platformers.

    • not sure how much i’ll like _meat boy_ given the bit that i’ve played of it, but somehow i can’t help but feel that there’s still life in the ol’ classic-style platformer yet (despite the staleness that’s set into the 2-D _mario_ series). will def. be checking out the _rayman_ series soon.

  2. I played VVVVV on PC back when it was in one of the Humble Indy Bundles. Seriously fun game, really great mechanics. The music really got annoying for me though, even though I generally like retro style music. For some reason it just killed me.

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