5 comments on “guidin’ the ninja in ninja gaiden

  1. I remember playing Ninja Gaiden when I was a kid. I recall being pretty disappointed that it didn’t share anything in common with the arcade version but I settled into it pretty quick as I was and still am a Castlevania Die Hard. As you say the control schemes are very similar and that made picking this one up a breeze. Like yourself, I’m not too much into repeating sequences of video games over and over, so playing this through again does not seem likely. However, I do remember that it was a heck of a challenge and I was pretty proud of myself when I finally did complete it. I remember loving the challenge and thinking that Ninja Gaiden 2 & 3 were just too easy in comparison.

  2. that’s good that you say that NG2 and 3 are easier, b/c i don’t know how much more 8-bit punishment i can take. re: your mastery of NG1, i keep reading about how the orig. mega man on NES is so hard but when i was a kid i used to beat it pretty regularly (although i did use the elecman pause cheat). i think back when we were kids we were much more hardcore than we are now. we’ve grown soft, man! 😉 i’m really curious about if i can still make my way through megaman1 20 years later. i’ll have to try that one of these days.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more. Ninja Gaiden has aged very well. The cutscenes, while flimsy, are surprisingly engrossing and rather interesting. It’s a ridiculous tale of a lost youth trying to overcome demons, get laid, find a statue, and recover from being shot. His sword makes dogs explode. The animation for Ryu is fantastic, and I enjoy the games controls and play mechanics. Is it frustrating? Yea.

    One thing I do agree with 100% is that dying on the last boss should not send you back to stage 6-1. I’ve never beaten the game because of this, though you can watch some legit youtube videos of people doing it. I guess the trick is just not to get hit at all. Haha, easier said than done.

    I know others prefer Ninja Gaiden 2, but I’ve always preferred the original. It’s music is outstanding. Especially the music that plays when you get to that cave level with the green ninjas… 4-1 maybe? 5-1? I forget.

    And the artwork! The opening cutscene, with the battle between Ryu’s father and that other guy? Fucking awesome. The surprise cutscene where you see the ancient ruins still surprises me sometimes. Ninja Gaiden’s always been a favorite of mine, I’ve got several fun stories of playing Ninja Gaiden in the college dorm basement on their 50-inch TV.

  4. it’s kind of hard to judge 8bit games from the modern-day perspective, esp. w/ the nostalgia factored in. in particular i’m having trouble coming to grips w/ the fundamentally different approach to game difficulty, where replaying long sections is central and beating the game can be a real challenge. i agree that the cutscenes look great, though.

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